Ian Netherton - Head of direction

Scribworks was born out of Ian’s frustration with the limitations of current financial tools. His career in operational finance, corporate consulting, tax and valuation has motivated him to build new tools and methods to improve accuracy and efficiency in his trade.

When Ian isn’t working… he’s probably working. Well, really, he’s probably at a museum with his kids or spending time with his wife, Danielle.


Jacob Bruintjes - Head of revenue

Jacob has spent his career involved in many industries including manufacturing, real estate, and SaaS in a business development capacity. In all of his roles, Jacob found himself constantly building new tools to identify, dial in, and deliver key metrics. He became determined to develop versatile tools set any executive can use to make informed and qualified decisions.

When not working, Jacob can be found exploring the outdoors in his Jeep or canoeing with his wife. He also enjoys snowboarding, playing basketball, and fishing.


Michael Toymil - Head of UX/UI

Mike has been crafting web experiences for 7 years, but began programming long before. No stranger to building web applications from scratch, he has worked as a full stack engineer and consultant. Mike is indelibly a problem solver, graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Puget Sound.

In his free time, Mike enjoys rock climbing with his fiancée, burying himself in chess books, and getting into the woods as often as he can.